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Android Software Developer

VOI. - Stockholm - Full time

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Let's make the morning commute to work more enjoyable! 🛮

We are seeking out an tech-savvy software engineer or coder to join our team of developers.

About the job

The growing VOI Technology team is in the process of making the dreaded morning commute to work exponentially more enjoyable. In due time, we will have a network of electrically-powered scooters throughout densely populated urban centers. Users will access these vehicles via a phone application and ride to wherever they need to be, leaving the scooter for the next user.

Our vehicle fleet is expected to expand rapidly throughout Northern Europe. We are looking for an experienced developer to work with a team of ambitious, like-minded developers to help make the app easily accessible, fix any software or technical issues, keep up with the growth of our operation, and channel their ingenuity and creativity to make the app as efficient, manageable, and fun as possible!

This Position Offers:
  • Competitive salary & benefits.
  • Work with a dedicated, likeminded team of developers.
  • Experience in a rapidly developing operation.
  • The chance to see your ideas and designs implemented on a far-reaching scale.
Job Includes:
  • Working cooperatively to build and develop the Android app.
  • Dealing with any and all software or technical issues.
  • Implementing user feedback.
Applicants Should Have/Be:
  • Experience in Android app-development
  • Work in map/GPS-related development preferable, but not required.
  • Great team worker: You will work equally with a team of fellow developers to build the app.
Job perk: Team work

Team work

Job perk: Central office

Central office

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Job perk: Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Job perk: Career opportunities

Career opportunities

About VOI

VOI is a Scandinavian green mobility company offering electric kick scooter sharing in partnership with cities and local communities. We believe e-scooters can play a central role in changing how people move in our cities in the future.

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