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Senior Backend Developer

360Player AB - Stockholm - Full time

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About the job

We are looking for an experienced backend developer focused on privacy and security to join us in building our great platform for communication, leadership, and individual development for football at our Stockholm office.

How we work

We're building a global product, making decisions as a team. As a developer your opinion is valued at 360Player, and your ability to express it is important. Generally we work in two week sprints, checking in with the entire organization often, talking to our partners abroad to ensure we're doing the right things in the right markets. Our product is available in several languages and locales, and on multiple platforms.

You will have freedom to work across our entire stack if you choose to, the backend consists mostly of Go and SQL Server, the apps are entirely Javascript based. We encourage our developers to learn and understand our entire product, that applies to both code and business.

We value a healthy work/life balance, while we're 100% engaged in the product, work should never interfere with your personal life.

Who are you?

You probably have 5+ years of experience working with backend development across several languages, and you are eager to learn and adopt new technologies. Your ability to write efficient, secure and readable code is important.

We value our users' privacy, and that begins in the backend services. You don't want to take shortcuts when it comes to privacy and security, understanding that it will punish us in the future.

You will have responsibility over several backend services, ranging from database management tools to the core API service. We currently deploy all our backend services as Docker images on Azure, experience with both of these is a bonus.

An important part of your role is writing good documentation for the backend services, our frontend developers will depend on your documentation down the road.

An interest in football or sports is a plus, but definitely not a requirement.

Required skills

  • Experience working in Go
  • Good understanding of relational databases and SQL
  • Experience working with distributed systems
  • Fluent communication in written and spoken English
  • Working with version control
  • Experience working in product development


You will be working from our head office in central Stockholm.

Employment Terms

The employment is full time, salary plus stock options.

Job perk: Stock opportunities

Stock opportunities

Job perk: Central office

Central office

Job perk: Great view

Great view

Job perk: Market salary

Market salary

Job perk: Free gym

Free gym

Job perk: Social responsibility

Social responsibility

About 360Player

360Player is an innovative growth company within football. We have created a holistic digital platform for development of football clubs, teams and players. We are research and data driven and create solutions for clubs and teams at any level. We empower all teams and clubs to develop individuals based on their potential and ambition. Today we are a team of eight in central Stockholm, with a wide partner network all over the world.

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