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Pinetree has a concierge service and a community of experienced system developers. It is aimed at the best developers in Sweden. We have a broad base of members from different specializations, such as Java, DotNet and a number of other technology branches.


Pinetree AB is an agency for IT specialists where your individual preferences and ambitions for future workplaces form the basis of our work, where we work proactively to search for exciting assignments depending on your preferences and that matches your specific wishes. In this way we turn IT recruitment upside down.

In case you want to move on in your career in the near future, we use our large network to help you further.

In the competitive IT industry, we are very keen to choose our partners with care and represent only the very best companies in each industry.


As a member of Pinetree you get, among other things:

  • A personal agent who supports and represents you
  • Support for negotiation of salaries and other conditions
  • Career counseling and payroll statistics
  • Personal agent to help you find the next employer
  • Help develop your resume and profile on, among other things, LinkedIn
  • Ability to change ideas and network with other IT specialists
  • Coaching in interviewing technology - so you perform your very best when you search for your dream job


We are looking for someone who has worked at least 3 years as a system developer or software developer.

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Job perk:  Karriärmöjligheter


Job perk: Arbete i team

Arbete i team

Job perk: Duktiga och roliga kollegor

Duktiga och roliga kollegor

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Sex veckors semester

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Job perk: Ny teknik

Ny teknik

Om företaget

Pinetree AB arbetar inom search, rekrytering och headhunting. Vi finns i Stockholm men rekryterar för positioner över hela Sverige.

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