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Front-end Developer

Stratsys - Göteborg - Full time

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Om jobbet

Your Role 

We are looking for a passionate front-end web developer who loves web technologies
and wants to join our development team. At Stratsys you will be given the opportunity to innovate, iterate and improve our products within the EdTech area together with our highly skilled engineers. Your responsiblitites will be keeping our front-end up to date with best practices and technologies.

You will develop front-end solutions and design user interfaces in collaboration with your team members and our UX resources at Stratsys, based on both best practice and feedback from our end users.

We belive that you advocate continuous learning and usage of modern JavaScript development and want to contribute with best practices, knowledge and experience.

Technologies : Javascript, ES6+, Web components, Vue, Webpack, REST, Azure, .Net Core, CI/CD

Our Team 

We are one of several cross-functional autonomous teams at Stratsys. We develop, test and deploy in short cycles utilizing CI/CD. The team is working in the EdTech area where we help schools to be more efficient planning their resources. 

We are currently in the process of introducing hypothesis driven development by building MVPs and make decisions based on metrics and data. We develop in a cross-platform environment which makes it possible for us to choose the development environment that suits us the most. As an autonomous team we choose our own technologies, frameworks and methods. 

We believe that happy end users should always be the number one priority, and we focus on user ratings and feedback to improve our product.

About Stratsys

In everything we do, we believe in hassle free working processes. We believe that organizations can generate greater impact on society by being more productive. 

Stratsys is an innovative company that revolutionizes work life with our platform for easier planning, implementation and follow-up in organizations. 

At Stratsys our core values are:

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Vi förenklar arbetslivet!

Stratsys är ett molnbaserat verktyg för effektiv strategisk planering. Smidigt och enkelt, precis så som arbetslivet borde vara.

Innan Stratsys arbetade varje avdelning i silos, alla på sitt eget sätt. Viktiga uppgifter glömdes bort och timmar, ibland dagar, spenderades på att söka information och ta fram rapporter. Arbetet var oinspirerande och de anställda la mycket onödig tid på administration.

Det som en gång var en dröm om att hjälpa organisationer att få mer tid till sitt övergripande syfte är nu en global vision utan slut. Våra fantastiska medarbetare arbetar varje dag för att förenkla våra kunders arbetsliv. Och vi ger inte upp förrän vi har lyckats.

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