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Frontend Lead Coach

Technigo - Stockholm - Full time

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About the job

We’re currently looking for someone who can take lead in teaching and coaching new students front-end skills. You’ll work with all our students and make sure that our material and their skills live up to industry standards. This is a combined role where you’ll both help and teach students online, and also be a driving force in creating new course material and learning experiences within tech.

The role is based in Stockholm and can both be full-time employment or on consultancy basis. You’ll work in a smaller team to ensure that our students will get the help they need and you’ll be a key player in pushing us forward technically.

In this role, you will:-**

Take lead in the tech area.** Making sure that we teach the right skills, that our materials are up to date and help form future material and learning experiences together with the rest of our team.

  • Help others. By giving support in our online forum, do live code alongs on webinars, and do code reviews for our students.
  • Share with others. You’ll be expected to do research and keep up with the news of the tech community and to share this with our students and drive a conversation and discussion in our Slack channels.
  • Learn more. You’ll always be challenged to learn more within code and tech – that’s what we do for a living and we live like we learn.

This role is very much in the border of tech and people – and you need to have skills for both. We’re looking for someone who is passionate about tech and likes to share knowledge with others. You need to enjoy working in a smaller teams and in a startup environment. We believe you are a senior front-end developer who would like to take the next step and start teaching others.


  • Professional background in frontend development.
  • Fluent in HTML, CSS, Javascript (ES6)
  • Have worked professionally with React and Redux (or similar).
  • Have some knowledge in Node.js.
  • Fluent in English (a big plus for Swedish).
  • Have a passion for tech.
  • Feel comfortable speaking in front of an audience.
  • You enjoy helping others.
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Om Technigo and Tjejer Kodar

Technigo is a new form of education, a fast paced tech education formed to teach front-end developers in the latest technologies. We’re proud to have an extremely high percentage of female participants in our full-time programming educations – a number that is unheard of from other programming educations. Our initiatives and organisations are often featured in media and TV and our founders have been featured as a few of the most powerful women in technology by ELLE Magazine and Expressen.**

We are driven by a true passion for technology. For us, technology is creative, and a tool which enables you to reach and affect many people globally. A tool we would like to provide to more people.**

The team behind Technigo also runs the organisation Tjejer Kodar – a female network for programming. In this role you will mainly work with Technigo but since we're a startup, expect to sometimes share your technical skills with the Tjejer Kodar team.

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