About Uptrail

We lower barriers.

Our story.

In the summer of 2014 the team behind Uptrail met to discuss ideas on how to simplify and improve the job application process for candidates. Together we agreed that there must be a smarter way than the conventional CV and complicated application processes.

Our amibition is to create a job service that will be truly different and a better alternative of applying for jobs in a more fun and inspiring way. With the mission of lowering barriers between people and companies we created a service offering an easier and funnier way to apply for jobs on desktop and mobile devices.

  • Mobile surf exceeded desktop 2014. But until we came along it was nearly impossible to apply for jobs via mobile. Well, that’s not the case anymore.

  • Most companies don’t measure conversion of the job ads today. Uptrail outperforms the traditional way because we don’t ask the candidate to log in, attach CV or cover letter or any other redundant information.

  • The best talents don’t have time for time-consuming application processes. And especially not time to write a CV or cover letter. By using Uptrail you make it easy for talent to apply for your job positions.

The Uptrail Team

  • Gustaf Winnberg

    CEO gustafuptrail.com
  • Björn Lennartsson

    CTO bjornuptrail.com
  • David Skoog

    Key Account Manager daviduptrail.com
  • Mikael Lindström

    Key Account Manager mikaeluptrail.com
  • Anton Ledström

    System Developer antonuptrail.com
  • Jenny Dettervik

    Customer Success Manager / Marketing Assistant jennyuptrail.com
  • Matilda Bäckström

    Account Manager matildauptrail.com
  • Karl Svensson

    Business Development karluptrail.com